Grades 5 - 8

5th and 6th Grade

Language Arts: Grammar and Writing, Comprehensive Literature with supplemental reading books throughout the year; use of Google Classroom and writing assignments.

Math: Envisions Math combines workbook and online learning strategies; standards include competence in ratios, the number system, and statistics and probability.

Science: 5th Grade: General Sciences including the study of anatomy of all living things as well as the digestive system; 6th Grade: Earth Science and students participate in a Science Fair

Social Studies: 5th Grade: Early American and Colonial History; 6th Grade: Ancient Civilization
7th and 8th Grade
Language Arts: High school preparatory literature program with increasing level of text complexity and novel studies with written and online assessments; emphasis on clear and coherent writing across multiple styles

Math: Continuing with higher level Envisions Math program; standards include competence in expressions and equations, functions, and introductory algebra and geometry.

Science: 7th Grade: Life Science; 8th Grade: Physical Science/Periodic Table of Elements

Social Studies: 7th Grade: Geography and World Cultures; 8th Grade: 19th and 20th Century American History