Language Arts: Focus on phonics, vocabulary, spelling, handwriting, fluency, and comprehension is the key to literacy and language arts instruction. Students work to master reading skills while learning about different genres (fiction, nonfiction, biographies, etc.) to enhance the academic lessons and build a love for reading!

Math: Students build upon foundation math skills including addition and subtraction strategies, place value, geometry, time, measurement, fractions and the value of money. Utilizing problem-solving strategies with math manipulatives and the supplemented use of technology, the students use critical thinking skills to put into practice what they have learned.

Social Studies and Science: Students observe and experiment with hands-on classroom activities that introduce them to science and social studies concepts including life cycles, weather, map features, etc. Through investigation and making predictions, they build their problem-solving skills and knowledge. The students also read about current events of our country and understand their role as part of a community.

Religion: Through daily prayers, reciting and practicing the school's mission statement as a part of their daily routine, each student strengthens their faith and build upon core values. Following the Church’s liturgical calendar, the students attend monthly Mass on the feast days and holy days of obligation as a school. Our 2nd grade students prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion during the school year.