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Grades 5 - 8
*Elite/tall socks AND socks with logos showing are NOT allowed even on gym days.

During the cold weather seasons, students may wear their OLA monogrammed sweater, vest or OLA quarter-zip fleece purchased through the uniform store, during class for warmth if needed. A long sleeve white blouse or long sleeve navy blue OLA monogrammed polo may also be worn as a casual option (grades 5-8).

Non-OLA sweatshirts are not allowed to be worn once students enter the classroom.

Student Council members may wear their student council purchased sweatshirt on regular school days, but may not be worn on dress uniform days.

Note: Other than the PTO spirit wear t-shirt, which may be worn on gym days, other apparel sold by the PTO, is not part of the uniform and may only be worn in class on NUT days.