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Club Offerings Session 2
Beginning the week of November 4th through December 9th
Deadline to Register: October 31st
No Clubs on 11/5, 11/11, 11/12, 11/27 and 11/28

Mondays: Beginner Skills and Drills Basketball
Maximum of 12 Students
Instructors: Mrs. Lyn Mason and Miss Vousboukis
Grades: 1st-3rd Grade
Cost: $85/5 Weeks
Room: Main Building (Pick Up at back Cafe Doors)
Students will be introduced to proper ball handling, shooting and footwork drills. They will learn team building techniques while having an opportunity to make some new friends.
*Students MUST bring a change of clothes and sneakers and water bottle and snack.

Mondays: Classic Nintendo Competitions
Instructor: Mr. Goodwin
Grade: 8th
Cost: $85/5 weeks
Dates: 11/4; 11/18; No club 11/25; 12/2; 12/9; 12/16 (make up date)
Pick-up: Main Building front doors
Description: Maximum of 8 students. *
Compete in playful completion with and against fellow classmates and Mr. Goodwin on classic Nintendo systems (N64 & GameCube). Games will include, but are not limited to Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., and NFL. All Games will be rated as E-T. *if more than 8 students sign up, another section will be opened on Thursdays

Wednesdays: Debate Club
Instructor: Ms. Vousboukis
Grades: 5-8
Cost: $85/5 Weeks
Room: Main Building
Maximum of 14 students may sign up.
Students will learn various ways to debate on relevant controversial topics, such as:
"Should college athletes get paid?"
"Should homework be banned?"
"Should schools use iPads/laptops instead of textbooks?"
"Should social media have an age restriction?"
Students will recevie a side, either affirmative or negative, and presnt evidence supporting their side against the other team.

Thursdays: Homework Club
Instructor: Mrs. Sherburne
Grades: 1-4
Cost: $85/5 weeks
Dates: 11/7; 11/14; 11/21; 12/5; 12/12
Parent Pick-up: Main Building front doors
Description: Children will be assisted with Homework assignments. Students may bring an extra snack and water bottle.
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Enrichment Club Schedule
Session 1
Week of September 16th through Week of October 21st. No Club 10/14.
Monday Clubs: 5 weeks
Tuesday-Thursday Clubs: 6 weeks

Session 2
Registration Deadline 10/31
Week of November 4th through Week of December 9th. No clubs on 11/5, 11/11,11/12,11/27 and 11/28.
Monday/Wednesday/Thursday Clubs: 5 weeks

Session 3
Registration Deadline Thursday 1/9
Week of January 13th through Week of February 10th. No Clubs 1/20
Monday Clubs: 4 weeks
Tuesday-Thursday Clubs: 5 weeks

Session 4
Registration Deadline Thursday 2/27
Week of March 2nd through Week of April 6th
Monday-Thursday Clubs: 6 weeks