All Students Succeed!
Guidance and Resource Department

The Guidance and Resource Department work together to create the Student Support Team.

The Student Support Team is a collaborative, school-based, problem-solving team that is organized to address academic, behavioral, emotional, and or other problems which may interfere with a student’s ability to obtain a well-rounded education. We strive to create a positive successful oriented program which uses intervention techniques in a small group or one on one setting. Various strategies and techniques are introduced to help reduce educational, behavioral, or effective stumbling blocks for all students in the classroom.

Through a team approach, we provide for greater cohesiveness and instructional continuity that compliments the existing curriculum and instructional programs already put in place.

How does Student Support Team work? • Identify a student’s need for academic or behavioral support. • Determine the strategies needed to assist the student. • Implement the intervention strategy through a continuum of services and create a Student Support Plan.