Resource Department

The goal of OLA's Resource Department is to work with our teachers and families to develop and support the individual needs of our students for future success.

• Consult with teachers and parents to identify and support students with academic needs and develop strategies tailored to their learning style. • Support individual students or small groups both in and out of the classroom to assist with academic needs. • Develop a positive self-image and healthy attitude about different learning styles. • Implement effective study, time management, and organizational skills. • Provide academic support for students with learning differences and assist them in becoming successful, independent learners. • Work collaboratively with students, teachers, guidance counselors and parents to ensure that all students succeed.

Referral Process

Parent submits documentation of a diagnosed learning difference, the Resource Team will review documentation, and if appropriate, develop a Student Success Plan.

Students who receive a referral from their teacher, the Resource Team will observe, evaluate and develop a Student Success Plan.