Explanation of Fees

We use FACTS Tuition Management for Tuition Payments and Incidental Billing Expenses.

Consumable Fee: is an annual family fee charged for student provisions such as student planners and other necessities that are replenished each year. This fee is payable upon registration and non-refundable.

Parent Teachers’ Organization 'PTO' Dues: These dues are used to fund programs and events which benefit our children and teachers, such as classroom supplies, field trip contributions, teacher appreciation events, and 8th-grade scholarships.

$30.00 Per family Annually

Milk Dues: Covers the annual cost of milk per child. This is an optional fee that is selected when completing your contract.

$55.00 per student annually

Explanation of fees

Graduating Fees: Covers the costs associated with the graduation ceremonies for graduating 8thgrade students.

$225.00 per student annually

8th Grade Field Trip: This is an optional fee. You may opt-out by checking the box on your contract. An estimated cost of $600.00 is included in your contract. Dependent on the number of students, means of transportation and destination the total cost may vary. This amount is finalized and published in the fall. The balance will be adjusted to your Smart tuition account and be allocated among your remaining payments.

FACTS Tuition Management Fee: Administration costs for providing a financial resource for payment plans. This service will also facilitate billing for other dues, activity fees and other programs throughout the school year i.e. after school programs, sports fees, enrichment clubs, lunch tokens, etc. All fees will be billed through FACTS.