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Dress Code

The Our Lady of the Assumption school uniform helps everyone to recognize our students as members of our community, and contributes to the sense of cooperation, equality, and unity which is important to a Catholic school. Students in Kindergarten through 8th grade are required to wear the school uniform. The dress code is designed to ensure that modesty, neatness and pride in the Our Lady of the Assumption school identity are evident at all times. The intent of the dress code is to keep students appearance modest, simple and free from the distractions and competitiveness of brand name comparisons.

The dress code is also important for developing a sense of modesty and appropriateness. The school uniform represents proper attire at a Catholic school. All clothing worn in a Catholic school setting should be dictated by the virtue of modesty, at all times. This means that uniforms, as well as clothing worn on dress down days should fit properly. Items which are form-fitting, skin tight and hug the body are unacceptable. Clothing which is too tight, too loose, too short, too revealing, too provocative, or worn in a slovenly manner is never appropriate in a Catholic school setting.

The dress code is considered in force for all activities sponsored by the Our Lady of the Assumption School. This includes dances, social activities and sports practices – whether in an offsite facility or held after school on the property.

It is understandably difficult but not impossible for parents to find clothing today that meets the criteria of modest. Additionally, it is beyond the scope of this document, given the ever changing world of fashion, to list all the different types of clothing that do not fit the criteria for modest and appropriate clothing. As custodians of a proper Catholic education, the faculty and administration will be the sole determiners of the scope and intent of the dress code. Rest assured our definition of “modest” is quite conservative. By enrolling your children in Catholic education, you have accepted the responsibility of supporting and complying with the school policy.