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Admissions Process
Admission inquiries are welcome at any time throughout the school year.
Please submit the Online Inquiry Form, or call the Main Office at 781-599-4422 for more information.

Schedule a tour of the school to meet our faculty and students. Please contact Amy Rogovich, Administrative Assistant at 781-599-4422 or to schedule a private tour.

Upcoming Open House Dates:
January 26th 2020 noon- 2pm (Sunday)
Feb 4th 2020 9-11am (Tuesday)
Mar 2nd 2020 9-11am (Monday)
or Please call the office to set up a tour.

Please fill out the Registration Form that applies to your child's age/grade and return it to the Main Office. We are moving to Online Enrollment for the 2020-2021 School Year.

The following supporting documents must be submitted for consideration for admission:

Application and $70 Registration Fee Per Student (non-refundable fee)
Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate
Copy of Child's Baptismal Certificate (if applicable)
Entrance Screening (by appointment)
School Transcripts/Records
For Preschool, a brief interview with our Preschool Teacher is required.
For PreK and Kindergarten children, we conduct a screening with a current Preschool Teacher. Screenings take place on Fridays in February and March.
Students entering third through eighth grade are invited to spend a day at OLA with students in their current grade.
Screenings for applicants entering Grades 1 through 8 are administered by our Resource Department.

School Transcripts/Records
It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide all school records to OLA from their child’s current school.
When considering an application, we take into account many factors, including past academic performance, shadow day (if applicable), and screening results. OLA's admission policy in order is as follows: siblings of current students first and then by date of application.

Students entering the Preschool Program must be fully toilet trained before entry. Although the teacher and the aide(s) in the classroom will supervise, they are not required to assist the child in the bathroom. Assistance is limited to helping with buttons, zippers, etc.

Once a student has been accepted, the Finance Office will mail you a copy of the tuition contract to sign and return.